A very warm and hearty welcome to the nature’s paradise under the unique umbrella of Alpha Agro and Landscape Services where “Demand is a Commandment and Design is a Covenant”.

Chronicle path memories of Alpha Agro and Landscape services accomplishing the renowned philosophy “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” creating an ecological sustainable environment and establishing innovative thinking DNA born with simple desire reciprocating towards our mile stone of “Think Different Think Big”.

We flourish under the name and style of “Alpha Agro and Landscape Services” The organization took off in the year 2001 with its wings of flying colors leaving its foot prints of name and fame behind in operating and rendering its value added services to all our dear patrons all over India adding credits to our encyclopedia.

Over the years the organization have achieved and attained enumerable challenging projects and has accumulated skill and excellence in the field of Landscape Designing, Consultancy and Development, Execution of variable gardens, Farm House Projects, Agro Tourism Projects and Maintenance.

Eventually the organization takes Lead and proudly proclaims its inheritance and executes management services in all facility coordination and PMC (Project Management and Control) for all major large scale development project activities.


The objective of our company is to go hand in hand with all our client needs, requirements and explore more with a professional environment. To furnish excellent work attitude continuously rushing towards quality as an “Infinite Passion” and not as a “Short Attained Destiny” we always emphasize in a transparent and positive attitude in a proactive ambiance towards design and execution all under one umbrella where Innovations are redefined giving immersive involvement and care of global phenomena of protecting the nature to save the environment.


“Quality” a continuous process to zenith point of par excellence “Endeavoring” Towards a clean and healthy environment. Promising an eco–friendly Design and environmental free end products.

Our Project Management Modes Operand and Statistical Value
  • Positive and transparent Communication with all individuals involved.
  • Treat Everyone Fairly and to be impartial.
  • Create and Implement an Open Door Policy.
  • Never Hide, Miss Lead or Miss Guide Project and the organizational Policy Matters.
  • Rely on Trust and Honesty.
  • Ask for Improvement and Advice always.
  • Strictly perform on Single Window Approach.
We are Specialized in and Deal with
  • Landscape Designing & Consultancy
  • Development & Maintenance
  • Farm House Projects
  • Agro Tourism Projects

SACHIN EKNATH BRAHMANKAR, M.Sc. Horticulture (floriculture & Landscape), M.B.A

  • Bachelors degree in Horticulture from Gujarat Agricultural University, Navsari, Gujarat
  • Masters degree in Floriculture & Landscape from Gujarat Agricultural University, Navsari, Gujarat.
  • Masters degree in Business Administration, Y.C.M.O.U, Nasik.
  • 2001-Conducted research on Post Harvest Life of Golden rod.
  • 2002-Paricipated in National Symposium on “Indian Floriculture in The New Millennium” held at Bangalore.
  • 2003-Published research abstract on “Effect of Harvesting stages and chemical Preservatives on Post Harvest Life of Golden Rod” in National Symposium on Recent Advances in Indian Floriculture, New Delhi .
  • 2004-Participated in National Seminar on Advances in Value Addition of Horticultural crops held at Navsari. FARMHOUSE PROJECTS
  • 2005-Published research paper on “Effect of harvesting stages and chemical Preservatives on post harvest life of golden rod” in the Journal of Ornamental Horticulture, Vol. 8, Number 1: 1-80, Jan-March 05.
  • 2005-Participated in National Seminar on Plant Physiology held at Agricultural University, Navsari.
  • Since 2005 visiting lecturer in Krushi Vidnyan Kendra, YCMOU, Nasik.
  • Project on Importance of plant & landscape gardening with reference to Nashik city.
  • Presently visiting lecturer in Government Polytechnic, Samangaon, Nasik.

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John Been Robi

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